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7+ Cute Baby Girl Room Ideas (Adorable Space Ever)

Welcoming a new family member is always exciting. If you are expecting a baby girl, you may be thinking of decorating a cute bedroom for her now. Besides all the sweet décor and design, the baby girl room ideas should be functional. You may need features like a changing table, toy organizers, bookshelf, and a playing area. Above all, the features should also be safe and long lasting so that it can be used until she is in her toddler years. Combine Cheerful Colors Together You can never go wrong with bright colors for babies. It stimulates their senses and also creates a cheerful space for them. With the right combination, here are some color palettes for your baby girl room ideas: Turquoise + Orange + Magenta= Perfection : You can create an endless combination with these colors. Paint each wall with different color and add up decoration with the same theme. Patterns like doodle flower and polka dots are something to consider in creating a cheerful space. For added brightness, splash a bit of yellow in the decoration. Blue + Red + Yellow= A Primary Classical : Using primary colors like blue, red, and yellow would give a playful ambiance to the bedroom. Plus, it is easy to find furniture and decoration with these colors. Another option is to paint the furniture yourself. This color theme can also be a good idea for twins. Green + Yellow + Orange= Natural Brightness Bring the fun of nature by having green, yellow, and orange. It adds brightness, resembling the colors of nature in your baby girl bedroom. For walls, use color-blocking painting technique to make the bedroom appear more contemporary. Go to a Maximum Level of Cuteness with Pink Pink is what comes to mind when we are talking about baby girl room ideas. The best thing about this color is that it comes in tons of hues and can be combined with many colors. For a calming effect, you can use the combination of dusty pink and white. To add warmth, a touch of earthy color like wood or sheer tan can also play a role in the decoration. Even without any pattern or texture, the combination has already given an endearing personality to the bedroom. Or, you can always opt for the classical baby pink color. It is a bit brighter than the dusty pink and has its own charm. Furthermore, it is not hard to find furniture or décor items that come with this color. If you want to tone down the brightness, try adding some recessed or pendant lighting with warm yellow bulbs. Make Fantasies Come True What is one thing that children can do perfectly well? Play with their imagination! Yes, babies and little children would be stimulated with everything around them. Thus, creating a fantasy-themed bedroom for them would encourage their creativity, and that is a good thing. One of the best baby girl room ideas to try is to create a theme from a particular story. Be it a fairytale or an adventure story, you can apply the décor to the wall, the bed, and the furniture. For baby girls, you can create a bed shaping as a castle, a royal carriage, or a princess throne with matching the color theme. For a more neutral theme, a bed shaped like a hot air balloon can also be a good idea. There are shops that actually sell these themed bed frames, or you can always call a handyman and make it to your own design. Create a Perfect Ambience for Little Princess As your baby girl grows, she would love all kinds of fairytales that involve princess, crowns, castles, prince, and kingdoms. Create this fairytale-like world for her by adding delicate and gorgeous details on the décor. The perfect color theme for this type of décor is white, pink, and gold. Involve wall decors that have details like flowers and leaves. Keep it simple by minimizing the use of pattern. For babies, it is recommended to keep the lighting warm and simple. Use the technique of primary and secondary lighting so that you can adjust the brightness. Delicate Look Baby Girl Room Ideas Delicate flowers add up the femininity on your baby girl room ideas. The main theme of the nursery can be made of white entirely, but you can have fun with all the décor. The combination of white, soft pink, dusty green and a hint of yellow can transform the bedroom into a beautiful and comfortable room for your upcoming baby girl. You can even make some of the décors by doing some DIY projects. Hanging artworks, floral installation, or an indoor wreath can be some projects to do. For a simpler move, install floral-patterned wallpaper on one or two sides of the bedroom. Another tip to consider is to avoid using too many patterns in one area. Combine the floral pattern with geometrical lines to create balance. Perfect Combination Baby Girl Room Ideas Lately, a combination of gray and pink has been the new trend in baby girl room ideas. Though traditional designs would avoid a dark color like gray, you can prove them wrong by choosing the right tint and tone of the color. If you want the bedroom décor to last longer, a darker tone of gray combined with deep rosy pink can be the option. You can apply gray for the walls and make the rest of the bedroom in pink or vice versa. It is also possible to use more than 1 tint of gray and pink. The application of a darker color would add depth and warmth to the bedroom. Another way to try in applying the gray and pink color combo is to choose the pastel versions of the color. Mid-toned gray would be a perfect pair with dusty pink. It creates a calming theme for the whole appearance of the bedroom. Your baby girl may grow fast and would start to pick her own favorite color when she enters the teenager phase. Thus, it is important to have a long lasting theme and décor so that you don’t have to spend a remodeling budget for a couple of years from now. 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