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Many people would think that they would have a problem dealing with small bathroom ideas. It’s because there’s very limited space available. So, you have to be smart to decide which one should be your priority. In choosing each element of the bathroom, you have to consider the space. Actually, there are still many things you can do in a small bathroom. Limited space can be a problem but with these small bathroom ideas, you will find the perfect way to deal with it. Homogenous Tile Ideas One way to deal with limited space in the bathroom is to tile it all over. Having the small bathroom ideas with the same tile design all over the space, wall, ceiling, and flooring will create a new character to the bathroom. The design and pattern of the tile is the key to achieve a proportional and comfortable look. The same design and pattern would create the illusion of space to the room. It makes the room feels larger than it actually is. This bathroom has the same patterned green tiles with simple lines of artwork to accentuate and make the bathroom atmosphere more impressive. The pattern design makes things different for this bathroom. Show Off your Shower Having a luxurious bathroom is really a must when you feel like you’re really rich. The element of gold is an essential part of the luxurious room. This bathroom has the gold elements as the accents. There are some golden accessories on each functional item in this bathroom. This bathroom wall is filled with white subway tile all over. The crisp white color gives a wide chance to the gold to shines at its best. In the middle part of the wall, one line of the tile is using gold. It’s a nice accent to the wall. It’s a good way to make an emphasis to this luxurious bathroom. This is one of the most luxurious small bathroom ideas you can apply in your house. Even though space is limited, but the price can be unlimited. Add Some Mirror For your stylish house, try having this stunning design or your bathroom. Adding a mirror is like something you must do for a bathroom. It’s the essential thing in the bathroom. Usually, the mirror is a part of bathroom vanity. It’s always attached with a sink and cabinet. A bathroom mirror is mostly used for grooming, makeup, and other bathroom activity. Without a mirror, the bathroom will feel incomplete. Check out the small bathroom ideas in the picture. It’s got an unframed mirror with the lights behind it. The light became the seamless frame of the bathroom. It’s a sophisticated and modern approach to bathroom elements. The earthy gray color scheme of this bathroom exposes the minimalist style. It’s got a floating with a vanity that works harmoniously with the lighted mirror. The light is also worked to brighten the object in from of the window. The woven basket under the vanity becomes the functional accessories to fill up space. It makes a good extra decoration to play with the thin accessories on the vanity. Stunning Skylight The natural light from the sky would really brighten the small bathroom in your house. It’s a great element to add in your small bathroom because it would make it airier than ever. You can add stunning skylight into the bathroom by having an open roof above the bathroom. You can cover it with glass to protect from the rain but still getting the light. In this bathroom, the skylight is set to be as stunning as possible. For this small bathroom ideas, the open roof is set above the walk-in shower area. It makes a big impact since the tile is applied high up to the roof. The white subway wall tile up to the ceiling really offers the dramatic atmosphere to your small bathroom. The narrow space inside the bathroom will be much more comfortable. During the day, the natural skylight and white tile will make it feels larger. Don’t Block your Window Ideas It’s one of the unique tips of small bathroom ideas. Some people feel that they need to cover or block their window. It’s probably because of the privacy they need. Well, it’s actually a good thing not to block your window. Some designers think that natural light is too important for a bathroom especially the small and cramped one. Check out this stunning small bathroom. It’s got a dark brick all over the wall. That makes the bathroom really needs a lot of light. Natural light is the best option to have. Save some space on the wall for a window to provide the lights during the day. You can set it side by side with the mirror. Even though space is limited, this bathroom can still stun its owner. The position of the window seems to be the most important part of this bathroom. It decides the whole atmosphere in it. However, blocking the window is not wrong. You can add a curtain or a blind but make sure it won’t block the light you need. Dark Nuance Small Bathroom Ideas Having a dark bathroom is probably something that most homeowner would avoid. A bathroom should be a relaxing place, not a gloomy one. Well, a dark room could be something you need as a homeowner. The dark nuance is not supposed to be applied in a small bathroom. Most designers would recommend avoiding dark colors in order to achieve space illusion for a comfortable place. However, the designer of this bathroom is quite brave. He chose the strong and powerful black color for the bathroom interior as the main color scheme. But, he made a smart move by incorporating the black with other vivid and bright colors. So, the result won’t give a scary feeling when using the bathroom. This dark bathroom is one of the most unique small bathroom ideas you can find out there. For the designer of this room, bathrooms are the place where you can experiment with because you don’t spend a lot of time a day inside. As you can see, this dark bathroom has enough amount of light. It still looks bright enough even without the natural light from a window because it’s got no window. If you need something calmer in your bathroom, black could be a good choice of color. Down/Under The Stairs A space under the stair can be a good space to be used for a bathroom, powder room, or a toilet. But, space is so narrow down there. You have to make use of this space as comfortable as possible. Make sure all the flow is effective and efficient. If you think the space is too small, you can have it as a powder room or toilet for your kids only. I guess it’s one of the thoughtful small bathroom ideas. In designing a small house, you have to make sure that any space is useful and functional. The space down the stairs is sometimes left out or used as a storeroom. Well, you can make it more functional just like that. One thing you need to consider the small bathroom ideas in this space, you have to make sure that it’s generally high enough to be used by everyone. Then, make sure the size of the bathroom elements is suitable for this tiny bathroom. This bathroom has a small and thin vanity with its mirror and a regular size of the toilet. There’s a small thin glass shelf for a decor and towel hook beside the vanity. Give Some Accent Wall An accent on the wall would give an interesting scene to your small bathroom. These kinds of small bathroom ideas are quite easy to apply. The matte black wall is there to dim the brightness of the white wall. Also, the natural wood flooring makes a perfect accent to make your small bathroom more impressive and interesting. Having a wall and floor accent would switch your attention from the limited space to the amazing accents. Any kinds of artwork could make a good impact on the wall in this bathroom. It’s got artwork of an old map. It adds color to the plain dark wall. The natural lights from the window emphasize the impressive look of the map. Pick a Small Bathtub The important element of bathroom is the bathtub. You have to choose the right design and size of your bathtub to match it with your bathroom. For small bathroom ..
From chic contemporary design with a clean and white finish to rustic design with rich in wood features, there are countless bathroom vanity ideas that you can find out there. That’s why it can be daunting to find the ideal one sometimes. But, you don’t need to be panic! Here I’ve pulled together 10 of my favorites in one complete collection. Whether you need a small single vanity or a set of double ones, I’m sure there’s something here that can splash a style into your bathroom. Bathroom Vanity with Makeup Station A double bathroom vanity set with a built-in makeup table has become a trend lately. If there’s enough space in your bathroom for a double vanity set, you will love this idea for sure. This dark wood vanity looks great in contrast with its white top. Between the two vanities, there is a built-in makeup table along with its chair. As a result, you can get out of your bathroom with makeup on! To get the most of it, here are some recommendations for you: To provide enough light, consider install wall sconces or vanity lights around your bathroom vanity. Choose the one that matches the rest of your design. To splash a bit of style, opt for setting one or two vases of flowers on the vanity top. Convenient Stepstool for Kids If there are little kids in your home, choosing a bathroom vanity that comes with a step stool will be a good idea. That stool can be helpful for your kids to wash their hands and brush their teeth by themselves. If your bathroom vanity doesn’t come with a step stool, you don’t need to worry. You can build a slide step in the vanity by yourself, too! Instead of bringing in a bulky stepstool into your small bathroom, creating a slide step will be a perfect choice. The good news is that there are many online tutorials and videos that can help you create this kind of bathroom vanity ideas. Make sure to check out some of the tutorials out there before starting your project, especially if you don’t know where to start. Cottage Style Bathroom Vanity This single-country-style vanity set will be perfect for any bathroom. With neutral color and small footprint, it can be ideal for both small and large bathroom. It also has ample storage space for your bathroom essentials. Along with the vanity, this bathroom has a simple design, boasting the simplicity of country style. If you want to get this look in your bathroom, here are some recommendations to look to: Pair this vanity set with wood-framed mirror for a perfect country style bathroom. Remember that introducing natural materials is a rule of thumb in designing country style bathroom. Use earthy colors. Whether you employ them on your furniture, walls, or even bathroom essentials like towels, just make sure they are matched perfectly. Add natural pieces on your vanity. If you have spare space on the vanity top, consider adding a vase of colorful flowers to bring style to your bathroom. Custom Nickel Vanity If you are looking for a perfect vanity to complete your contemporary bathroom, this nickel vanity is one of the best options. With its clean, sleek appearance, it will be a perfect complement for your all-white bathroom. In addition to the vanity, you can also add silver to your bathroom by installing nickel faucets. It will be a better choice than a basic chrome faucet finish, especially if you’re looking to something new in your bathroom. Before deciding to add nickel vanity to your space, here are some of my recommendations to pair up your silver elements to the rest of your bathroom’s scheme: Opt for classic white and gray interiors. If you want to get crisp, clean look with nickel vanity, try to incorporate gray and white color palette. If your bathroom is already set all white, consider adding some textures to your design by displaying some fluffy towels and others. Elegant Vanity with Gold Trimmings Gold is a popular choice when it comes to metal fixture ideas to brighten up a bathroom. It’s inevitable that gold fixture can create such a chic aesthetic in your bathroom, especially if you apply it in the right way. This kind of bathroom vanity ideas makes a good example of applying gold in a modern bathroom. You can see there are some gold touches here and there in this bathroom. From the cabinet handles to the mirror frame, gold charms have dominated the space. For a splash of color, a pot of greenery is set on the vanity top, creating a livelier space. With white walls as the backdrop, this navy vanity has boasted its own charm in this bathroom. Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Introducing a rustic piece of furniture in your bathroom can help you achieve that farmhouse feels in the space. Combining wood and metal with nature element, this vanity will be a great addition for your farmhouse bathroom. Placing against the subway tile walls, this farmhouse style vanity looks antique and stands out among the neutral backdrop. For additional storage space, woven basket storage is set under the vanity. Luckily, it’s not impossible for you to go for a DIY project to create this farmhouse-style vanity. Here are some of my suggestions to get one: For a cheaper option, you can consider repurposing old furniture to create this vanity. You can simply paint it in green and distress it for a charming rustic touch. For more style, you can complete the vanity with a white modern rectangular countertop basin. Floating Bathroom Vanity Nowadays, a floating bathroom vanity has been a trendy choice for many homeowners. It’s not only modern but also space-efficient. If you are looking for a vanity that won’t eat up your bathroom’s floor space, this idea suits your need very well. If you’re not sure to apply a floating vanity, here are some good reasons why this is a great choice for your bathroom remodel. For tight space, a floating vanity is a good choice since it doesn’t extend to the floor, making the space appears larger. For a home with kids, seniors, or handicapped members, the free space under the vanity provides room to store a stool or access of a wheelchair. For flexible storage options, a floating vanity offers space for drawers, cabinets, as well as open shelving options. Graceful Curved Vanity Ideas If you’re seeking for bathroom vanity ideas that deliver such unique charm in your bathroom, look at this one. With curved vanity, there’s no doubt that your bathroom will come to the next level. Instead of the ordinary rectangular vanity, this bathroom features a curved one that looks great with its warm white color. On the vanity top, there are only a few elements displayed. A vase of fresh flowers on the vanity top adds a splash of color to this all-white bathroom. To introduce a luxury charm, the vanity is paired with a large rectangular mirror that comes with a rose gold frame. There are also double sconces to provide ample light in the vanity area. This bathroom vanity is a kind of something that can ‘wow’ your guest. Modern Bathroom Vanity A wall-mounted floating vanity like this one is a great choice for anyone who seeks for a perfect element for a modern bathroom. Thanks to its clean, modern look, there’s no doubt that your bathroom will look amazing with this vanity. Interestingly, this pink and dark gray vanity also has a warm and chic vibe that makes an ideal pair to the light gray walls and floor in this bathroom. The shallow vessel sink also looks amazing along with the decorative vase nearby. To make the most of this look, here are some of my recommendations that you can take into account. If you’re remodeling, consider redoing the vanity instead of replacing it with the new one. You can consider replacing the sink instead. You can also opt for having more lighting sources around the vanity. Unique Vanity Unit Are you looking for an exceptional idea for your bathroom vanity? This bathroom has a good example for you. Coming with a unique wooden vanity, this rust..
A compact kitchen is often considered as a place that’s not so comfortable to live in. That’s not true actually as long as you can find a way to deal with that. These small kitchen ideas provide you with tips and tricks that are very helpful for you. They can solve the common problems of having a cramped kitchen and such. From creating ingenious storage, making use of the wall and choosing the right color, you’ll this article useful as you can apply these ideas to the kitchen. Cube Kitchen Ideas A small kitchen can be organized to whatever style you think it is suitable and makes you feel at home. Some problems appear when you don’t even know where or how to begin with. Take it easy! Firstly, find what the main problem is when trying to solve the drawbacks of cramped space. Then you can start to figure out what the solution is, and that is how it works. This kitchen adopts a cube style that seems to be a little bit different than common kitchen ideas for tiny space, but it can make you think that this style is pretty much stunning in a sense that everything looks neat and clean. An island with a deep overhand is a good place to hide chairs under. The flooring has two different styles but looks well together that create harmony. The kitchen shows how well the set that everything seems to be in under control. Storage Space Savers Every inch of space in a small kitchen should be maximized. Skills and creativity are obviously needed when designing a room that can contain lots of things. Creating storage that fits according to its category, size and shape are much recommended. This storage, for instance, is so full of many things yet it looks well organized. From the top to bottom, each item has its own place. This can be the solution that you’re looking for when dealing with a small room. You would have never guessed that such a small room can contain a large number of foods in it. On top of the rack, you can see the plates nicely arranged. The middle one for big items while on both sides is for smaller stuff such as bottles or jars. On the bottom, you can also spot a lot of selected stuff is in there. Create specific storage with precise measurement and put them on their places so that you can easily find them. Take them slowly so you won’t mess it up when looking for something Use up the Walls Kitchen Ideas Just look at how beautiful this wall has become! Walls are a part of the kitchen room that would look beautiful if could decorate them well. You can adorn them with anything, and match them with the surroundings to make it stand out in the kitchen. The ceiling, wall and kitchen cabinet they are in white. It can be a good reason why the owner covers the other wall with black to back a contrast. The floor itself is in a neutral color and there’s also a black and white rug. This wall can draw one’s attention with its unique way of arranging things. It doesn’t only look neat but it looks pleasant as well. Its black tone is also what makes it easy to be noticed. This kitchen doesn’t look small with its clever way of setting arrangement. The flooring leaves a warm and welcoming atmosphere with its neutral hue. The hanging lamp is also in black which gives a subtle touch of beauty. Open Up with Skylight Ideas A gloomy room doesn’t only look creepy but it feels cold and dark, which makes you don’t really like it being there. That’s why lighting is important. A good kitchen has some sufficient lighting, and that’s necessary so that you can do your job quite well as you can see everything clearly. If you want to save some electricity, you can make a huge window from which you can let the lighting to shine through. Or, create an open room on the roof as seen in this picture. The open roof is set precisely above the sink which allows you to see whether the dishes are clean or not when washed. Beautiful flowers are added to beautify the room. Hidden storage is under the countertop; there you can store kitchen utensils and appliances. Backsplash Windows Ideas A backsplash is said to be one among many kitchen ideas that you should include because it can give you a mountain of advantages. And in this small kitchen ideas article, it shows you why it should be applied in the kitchen. This one comes with backsplash windows, which means all the liquids result from the sink will be thrown away out. It differs than any backsplash that typically used ceramic or wood, and this can be more efficient because the air will make the dishes dry in an instant. You can have an island in the kitchen with large overhang as long as it doesn’t bother your movement. The wooden flooring sparks a cozy ambiance in a way it makes your guest feel welcome. Glass Wall Kitchen Ideas The idea of having a glass partition is to make the kitchen look larger as you can see it through. But you have to check its safety first since you’re using a something that can break. Small kitchen ideas with glass can make your kitchen looks stylish, and it’s also thin if compared with wood or brick. The tempered-glass wall is strong, but you shouldn’t allow kids to play while running around it because they can hit it or throw something hard that can scratch it just in case. This kitchen has a vanity and a washbasin. This floor is made of wood inside and outside. Outside the kitchen is a nice view of green plants that bring nature feel inside. Adding Pot Rack Ideas Kitchen utensils can take up some considerable space because they come in various sizes and shapes that have a different use for cooking. Hanging storage has some several benefits to the kitchen. It can make a good decoration, save more room and is easy to be found as they are in plain sight. You can also include some pendant lights there to make it even nicer. This kitchen has an island along with a sink and there are three wooden chairs with the unique design too. The terracotta wall tiles are in white which makes the kitchen have a bright color scheme. Lacquered Ceiling Kitchen Ideas What a stunning mosaic wall! It blends well with the green lacquered ceiling. It really does. Both are in a similar color that creates a bold green color scheme in this kitchen. The kitchen cabinet is also shiny that gives a nice impression. Wooden materials create a warm and inviting atmosphere and they also look stunning here. The floor itself has a neutral color and really matches with the rest. The window let the lighting to light the room and make it even more fascinating. With a table that faces directly to the window and a couple of chairs, this kitchen doesn’t look that small, and it really a nice area to eat something. Green mosaic wall tiles are the right choice combined with the lacquered ceiling. It makes a big impact and really stands out. The floor brings a different and calm vibe with its neutral color scheme. The shiny surface of the wooden cabinet completes the look. Saturated Color Kitchen Ideas This kitchen looks so intimidating in a way it’s nice to look at in green. It almost covers everything here with green. Although small, you’re still able to move freely here when washing dishes or cooking some meals. This is one of our small kitchen ideas that you can try to your kitchen. You don’t have to pick the same color though, but the idea of having saturated color itself that you should pay attention to. Small kitchen ideas inspire many to give renovate or remodel their kitchens to be a little different than they were, which obviously brings some new energy and excitement in the kitchen. Functional Small Kitchen Island The last one has a monochrome style with a small kitchen island. It’s so simple but it can be very functional. This island is an open one, and it’s pretty slim and therefore it’s lightweight. It has a white surface with black legs. When you want to clean the floor o..
You will start to think of having a new look for the kitchen usually when it’s been around for years. When the moment comes, you’ll look for some unique kitchen remodel ideas that can be referred to. Wanting some changes in the kitchen is quite natural for any occupants or homeowners. It can be caused by so many factors, one of which is boredom. When the kitchen starts to get old, the color faded away, that is when some changes are required. Kitchen Island Remodel Ideas Owing to its substantial benefits, an island is considered a must in the kitchen. Adding one will help you finish your tasks faster. How so? It’s because an island provides you with a large amount of space for food prep. Therefore, you can have plenty of room to put some ingredients, vegetables, or fruits on it, where continuing the task with ease is allowed. It can also be a hangout spot and a nice addition to your kitchen where you can have an everyday conversation to people waiting for the meal to be ready while their stomachs rumbling. The other highlights of this kitchen listed as follows. The island comes in a white hue which becomes an easy focal point in this bold grey kitchen. The storage is on the left side which is an ingenious idea of designing an island. It’ll be a lot easier for everyone on both cook and dine sides to access the utensils rather than having the storage facing one side only. The kitchen appliances look so luxurious and classy which bring an elegant ambiance. Kitchen Flooring Remodel Ideas It is a fact that the flooring style is one of many elements in the kitchen that is deserved to have your full attention. The floor, being everything you see, is the place where your kitchen sits. And it may also be the first thing you would like to impress your guests with. The island comes in white with some brown chairs to let your guests enjoy your hospitality as well as the nice outdoor view, thanks to the glass partition. The other fascinating facts about this kitchen are: The floor has the exact same dark brown color with the wall, making the kitchen has a bold chocolate-like look. Besides the large partition, there’s still another window on the ceiling that brings bright lighting, which is good because it looks fairly gloomy here. The kitchen is a little bit breezy since it has a spacious space. Kitchen Backsplash Remodel Idea Installing a backsplash is essential to your kitchen especially to the wall. Not only to protect, but it can also prevent the wall to get easily tarnished by liquids. It makes your kitchen look even nicer to some extent as well. Some options are available when it comes to the materials. You can choose variedly from ceramic to brick or even wood. Pick one that suits your kitchen the most and enhances the look to the whole concept as well. In this kitchen, the backsplash comes in white with a unique, flower-like pattern that adds some beauty to the wall. 4. Kitchen Countertop Flair Idea Having a glossy surface, this countertop looks so classy with a set of the dark electric stove in the middle. It also has a unique shape that makes the kitchen practical. The sink is located near the window which comes in handy to fight away the boredom while doing the dishes routine. This kitchen has a strong white accent, so applying a dark color will make a gorgeous contrast and create a monochromatic style. The built-in island will also give you some benefits, too. Its bench tops allow you to have large space for food prep and it is considered as the best design with high efficiency. Optimize Overhead Kitchen Storage Kitchen remodel ideas can help you redesign the kitchen with a better layout that can improve your efficiency. Anything in the kitchen you think requires a new transformation should be changed then. This storage, for instance, is a clever way of transforming your kitchen storing space. Optimizing overhead storage will save some room underneath as you can put more kitchen appliances there, which is very helpful. A kitchen should be clean and clutter-free and this floor has it. It looks so spotless that you might still be fine lying your body down on it. It also has the same color as the island that infuses a cool look. By optimizing the overhead storage, you can have a nice decoration that is needed when remodeling the kitchen. Adding some plants will bring natural atmosphere here. The floor is finished with ceramic in a grey accent that leaves a relaxed feeling and blends well with the surroundings. Brainstorming Original Storage Some stuff doesn’t take up so much space when it comes in little number, but the amount will gradually increase in days and you will need bigger storage then. This is when you need to think about a new way of storing. Making use of the room under the sink could be a nice way to tackle it. Creating small boxes that can hold those everyday items as seen here can help you tidy up the kitchen. This storage comes in handy considering its usage for hiding tiny items without taking a large amount of space. Don’t load it with too many things in it, though, or the hinges will get broken. 7. Add Open Shelving Idea Don’t let the corner wall empty, you can try to install some open shelves there. This picture literally shows you how to do that. It looks so well-arranged and so much more interesting. You have to measure each of its space before sticking them on the wall with brackets that can withstand the weight. Don’t put some heavy stuff because it will collapse down. The plates, bowls, and jars are nicely set up there according to its sizes, colors, and types. And there’s a plant that gives a subtle touch to this kitchen and creates a tranquil look. You can have some more storage by creating open shelving that can be used for storing kitchen utensils. Paint it with a different color and make a contrast to emphasize it. The shelving really makes this kitchen a clutter-free space and leaves plenty of countertops left for other uses. Appliance Kitchen Garage A kitchen won’t look so special if it isn’t supported by some great appliances. If your kitchen only has a beautiful layout and decoration without having the tools that can enhance your work, that will be pointless. When cooking meals, you are going to need them to make your task becomes much easier. You should also consider putting those appliances in the right place so you know where to go whenever need them – not too close or far from your reach, either. This kitchen already has a good layout and spacious space which makes it have an airy feel. You can even put an island there if needed. But if you think it isn’t needed, then, you don’t have to. Do not fail to see these highlights also: With the dark grey flooring, this kitchen seems to have a calm and relaxed atmosphere that blends together with the rest. The windows have a unique design that you can open to let the air flow through. Those two lamps with dim lighting merge with the cool tone of grey and deep green in this kitchen. Smart Kitchen Workspace Idea The workspace is something that you should put into consideration, too, when remodeling the kitchen. How could you cook or do your job well if a good workspace doesn’t exist? That is why you should pay attention to it. Make sure the workspace is enough to allow you to put some kitchen appliances, utensils, or ingredients while cooking. When you are in a rush, bad things like spilling liquids out of the pot or blender can happen if you don’t organize the workspace quite well. Decorating it to have a nice look is also something you shouldn’t forget. With a stunning kitchen look, it will make you enjoy the whole cooking process as it has a lovely, entertaining appearance. Upgrade Your Appliances Idea Kitchen appliances will get obsolete through time, which is why they should be upgraded so tha..
Welcoming a new family member is always exciting. If you are expecting a baby girl, you may be thinking of decorating a cute bedroom for her now. Besides all the sweet décor and design, the baby girl room ideas should be functional. You may need features like a changing table, toy organizers, bookshelf, and a playing area. Above all, the features should also be safe and long lasting so that it can be used until she is in her toddler years. Combine Cheerful Colors Together You can never go wrong with bright colors for babies. It stimulates their senses and also creates a cheerful space for them. With the right combination, here are some color palettes for your baby girl room ideas: Turquoise + Orange + Magenta= Perfection : You can create an endless combination with these colors. Paint each wall with different color and add up decoration with the same theme. Patterns like doodle flower and polka dots are something to consider in creating a cheerful space. For added brightness, splash a bit of yellow in the decoration. Blue + Red + Yellow= A Primary Classical : Using primary colors like blue, red, and yellow would give a playful ambiance to the bedroom. Plus, it is easy to find furniture and decoration with these colors. Another option is to paint the furniture yourself. This color theme can also be a good idea for twins. Green + Yellow + Orange= Natural Brightness Bring the fun of nature by having green, yellow, and orange. It adds brightness, resembling the colors of nature in your baby girl bedroom. For walls, use color-blocking painting technique to make the bedroom appear more contemporary. Go to a Maximum Level of Cuteness with Pink Pink is what comes to mind when we are talking about baby girl room ideas. The best thing about this color is that it comes in tons of hues and can be combined with many colors. For a calming effect, you can use the combination of dusty pink and white. To add warmth, a touch of earthy color like wood or sheer tan can also play a role in the decoration. Even without any pattern or texture, the combination has already given an endearing personality to the bedroom. Or, you can always opt for the classical baby pink color. It is a bit brighter than the dusty pink and has its own charm. Furthermore, it is not hard to find furniture or décor items that come with this color. If you want to tone down the brightness, try adding some recessed or pendant lighting with warm yellow bulbs. Make Fantasies Come True What is one thing that children can do perfectly well? Play with their imagination! Yes, babies and little children would be stimulated with everything around them. Thus, creating a fantasy-themed bedroom for them would encourage their creativity, and that is a good thing. One of the best baby girl room ideas to try is to create a theme from a particular story. Be it a fairytale or an adventure story, you can apply the décor to the wall, the bed, and the furniture. For baby girls, you can create a bed shaping as a castle, a royal carriage, or a princess throne with matching the color theme. For a more neutral theme, a bed shaped like a hot air balloon can also be a good idea. There are shops that actually sell these themed bed frames, or you can always call a handyman and make it to your own design. Create a Perfect Ambience for Little Princess As your baby girl grows, she would love all kinds of fairytales that involve princess, crowns, castles, prince, and kingdoms. Create this fairytale-like world for her by adding delicate and gorgeous details on the décor. The perfect color theme for this type of décor is white, pink, and gold. Involve wall decors that have details like flowers and leaves. Keep it simple by minimizing the use of pattern. For babies, it is recommended to keep the lighting warm and simple. Use the technique of primary and secondary lighting so that you can adjust the brightness. Delicate Look Baby Girl Room Ideas Delicate flowers add up the femininity on your baby girl room ideas. The main theme of the nursery can be made of white entirely, but you can have fun with all the décor. The combination of white, soft pink, dusty green and a hint of yellow can transform the bedroom into a beautiful and comfortable room for your upcoming baby girl. You can even make some of the décors by doing some DIY projects. Hanging artworks, floral installation, or an indoor wreath can be some projects to do. For a simpler move, install floral-patterned wallpaper on one or two sides of the bedroom. Another tip to consider is to avoid using too many patterns in one area. Combine the floral pattern with geometrical lines to create balance. Perfect Combination Baby Girl Room Ideas Lately, a combination of gray and pink has been the new trend in baby girl room ideas. Though traditional designs would avoid a dark color like gray, you can prove them wrong by choosing the right tint and tone of the color. If you want the bedroom décor to last longer, a darker tone of gray combined with deep rosy pink can be the option. You can apply gray for the walls and make the rest of the bedroom in pink or vice versa. It is also possible to use more than 1 tint of gray and pink. The application of a darker color would add depth and warmth to the bedroom. Another way to try in applying the gray and pink color combo is to choose the pastel versions of the color. Mid-toned gray would be a perfect pair with dusty pink. It creates a calming theme for the whole appearance of the bedroom. Your baby girl may grow fast and would start to pick her own favorite color when she enters the teenager phase. Thus, it is important to have a long lasting theme and décor so that you don’t have to spend a remodeling budget for a couple of years from now. 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Amazing Fire Pit in the Pool Make your home look magical with the amazing fire pit designed pool. The overall pol will look very attractive and amazing. The biggest attraction of the pool is the fire it. You can have the fire pit designed in the middle with the water on the sides. When someone will enter the pool it would feel like they have entered a luxurious pool. It will have calming effect on the mind and body because you will feel special in the pool. If you have kids and you think they will either extinguish the fire or might get injured because of it, you can have the fire it designed at the side of the pool. Have a rectangular pool to assure that your kids and other family members can easily enter the pool using the stairs. After that you can have the fire pit designed at the far corner of the pool to make it look interesting and avoid any kind of accidents. Swimming Pool that Looks Irregular You can give your exterior the perfect look with the irregular Outdoor Pool Ideas. It is a special design that will allow you to give any shape to the pool that you want. The best thing about the design is that you can have a triangular shaped pool with the sharp corner. It is perfect if you do not know how to swim because you can easily hold the corners of the pool and stay in water for a long time. Have the pool designed with concrete. Make sure interior look more exciting with the pool that has the shape of the guitar. It is not just the wallpaper of the guitar at the bottom of the pool. The entire pool will have the shape of the guitar. You can have the strings of the guitar made at the bottom of the pool that will make it look more interesting. You will surely love the pool because you can have your favorite guitar pool made. Geometric Shape Style If you do not have a proper area in the exterior but want to have a perfect pool, geometric design will be the perfect. You can have the Outdoor Pool Ideas in pentagon style. There will be many corners of the pool that will make it look stylish and you can have a few stairs at the side of the pool to assure that you can easily enter. If you want you can have stages of the pool. If you want to create a royal look, have your pool designed in a geometric way. The sides should be rectangular with small curved shapes on the all the four sides. In the four sides you can have the small fountains adjusted. You will notice that it will change the entire appearance of the pool. You can have some statues and fire pits at the corners of the pool. Long Outdoor Pool Shape If you have a lot of space in the exterior but do not want the regular pool shape, consider having the long Outdoor Pool Ideas. You can have the long rectangular shape that will make your pool seem like it is swimming competition arena. Keep sofas at the sides of the pool to assure that you can relax after you are done with swimming. You can keep drinks if you like. Have water pipes for filling to give a luxurious appearance. Make your Outdoor Pool look like it is constructed in the basement. All you have to do is add a few stairs at the side of the pool to give it a 3D look. You will notice that your pool will look more spacious because of the stairs. You can have blue tiles for the pool. Make sure that the shade of the tiles at every step is different because that is the best way the water will have different shade and give an artistic look. Midcentury Outdoor Pool There are many individuals who prefer to have the traditional and natural look in the pool. All you have to do assure that the tiles of the pool are in light green shade. Once the pool has been designed and you will fill the water it will give a perfect green look. You can have one corner of the pool designated to the plants that will look perfect. We love the pools that we seen in the movies. Do not stress because you can have the similar Outdoor Pool Ideas. You can have the pool designed like the traditional pools like they have in the training centers of the buddha. The pool is built with the stone and there are large stones within the pool on which you can sit or enjoy your drinks. You can have the tiles at the basement of the pool in blue to assure that they look interesting. Amazing Lighting Ideas Make your pool look more interesting with the help of addition of a few lights. All you have to do is have a pool designed in square shape. In the middle you can have an additional square that can have lights on the inside and outside of the pool. In this way even at night the pool will look very interesting. The lights will make the pool look very spacious and lights is a unique touch to the pool that most people do not have. Make the pool look like the runway because that is the perfect way you can enjoy your swimming race with your friends. All you have to do is have the design of the pool in the rectangular design. After that at the bottom of the pool you can have lights arrange in the longitude manner. You can have the lights of any color that you like because it will also allow you to change the color of the pool to any shade that you want. Outdoor Pool with No Edges There are many individuals who are planning to give the Outdoor Pool Ideas a look like it is entering into the sea. There is no need to stress because all you have to do is construct the sides of the pool with the glass wall. You will notice that the entire look of the pool will be changed. Make sure that you keep only a single wall make with glass to give zero edge like design. You have to make everything look appealing. You can give your pool a metallic look because it is the perfect way to make your pool look more interesting and revealing. The best thing about this Outdoor Pool is that you can make the edges at one side of the pool and on the other side you can have no edges. Make sure that the water is the pool cover the edge and the rest of water is controlled with glass. It will give the transparent look that will have the no edge appearance. Zen Outdoor Pool One of the best pool designs is the Zen pool design. It is very interesting because a all the corners of the pool you can keep lar bowls like they are kept in the Zen zones. You will notice that the entire look of the exterior will be changed. You can do yoga at the exterior of the house and feel more relaxed and enjoy the bath after the yoga. Have a rectangular pool to assure that your kids and other family members can easily enter the pool using the stairs. After that you can have the Zen bowls designed at the far corner of the pool to make it look interesting and avoid any kind of accidents. The best thing is that you can even have small lights at the side of pool to make a boundary and make it look very interesting. Pool with the Glass Walls The galls pool will make your pool look like it has no boundaries. Make your pool look more interesting with the help of addition of a glass walls. All you have to do is have a pool designed in square shape. In the middle you can have an additional square that can have lights on the inside and outside of the glass walls. In this way even at night the pool will look very interesting. The glass will make the pool look very spacious and glass wall is a unique touch to the pool that most people do not have. You can have the sides of the square glass made at the bottom of the pool that will make it look more interesting. You will surely love the pool because you can have your favorite square glass pool made. Make sure interior look more exciting with the pool that has the shape of the square glass. It is not just the wallpaper of the glass at the bottom of the pool. The entire pool will have the shape of the square glass. 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If you like DIY items for your home decoration, these 10 DIY wood pallet project ideas are especially for you. I’ve put together a few great ideas for creating a bed frame, a book rack, and even a wooden clock with pallet here! It’s inevitable that pallet is one of the most versatile materials in the world of DIY project. With a bit of imagination and a few cheap materials, you’ll be able to create something great with pallet. Without further ado, let’s check out the ideas below! Japanese Inspired Low Bed Frame Pallet Pallet bed frames can be created in lots of different styles. More interestingly, they can be much more inexpensive than buying an off-the-shelf headboard and frame. This stylish pallet low bed frame makes a good example at this point. Coming with creative lighting ideas, this pallet bed frame will make your day and night feel warm and relaxing. Be prepared to spend some time dismantling the pallets, sanding, and reassembling them into a usable bed frame. Moreover, you can consider either staining or painting the finished project or letting it shows the natural color. Simple Rolling Computer Desk Pallet This pallet computer desk features rolling wheels, making it a portable item that you can move easily around your home office or bedroom. Besides, it also comes with open-shelves storage, providing space to store your books or notes. Here are some of my recommendations to do this wood pallet project idea. For more space on the surface, consider creating the wider one if possible. A wider surface lets you work more comfortably, anyway. Pair the pallet computer desk with a modern-style chair that matches the other elements in your space. Spice and Coffee Rack Pallet With almost no cost, you can create your own pallet rack for storing your coffee and spice. Simple and functional, this creative DIY wood pallet idea is a perfect way to keep everything organized in your small kitchen. Interestingly, you don’t need exceptional skills to create this pallet rack. With a few simple steps, you can create one for your kitchen. With its tier design, you have adequate space to store your kitchen essentials. Besides, its slim design makes it easy for you to place it anywhere around your small kitchen. Kitchen Table Pallet Project Combine wood and metal in your DIY table and you’ll have this lovely furniture in your kitchen. This kitchen table is large and long enough to accommodate a big family for enjoying dinner together. It also makes a great area for entertaining your guests. Besides, this DIY pallet table also has hidden storage space beneath the surface, allowing you to store your magazines or recipe books. If you want to include an industrial style into your kitchen or dining room, it will be the perfect furniture to save the day! DIY Book Rack Pallet Calling all bookworms who need extra bookshelf at home! This DIY wood pallet project is perfect to add more storage in your living room or bedroom. You can simply make it to the size you need and save lots of money! Luckily, there are numerous practical and stylish options to create a pallet bookshelf out there. Here are some of the best choices: If you want to save more floor space for other things, consider creating a wall-mounted pallet bookshelf instead. If you want to have a more stylish choice, opt for creating a two-toned pallet bookcase. Though applying two tones in pallet would likely shoo away the wood impression, but it worth to try. Sectional Sofa Pallet Furniture Do you need a comfortable seating area around your home? This DIY pallet sectional sofa will be a great alternative for you. With comfortable cushions put above the pallet wood, there’s no doubt that spending your spare time at home will be more enjoyable. This DIY project is also very easy to do. You just need to put together lots of wood pallets and then stack them together to make the seating you need. To make it more comfortable and stylish at the same time, you can put a collection of pillows above the sofa! Feng Shui Garden Wall Pallet If you are looking for a way to bring nature into your indoor area, this DIY wall garden will make a good bet. With enough space to accommodate a collection of different plants, you’ll have a beautiful, natural element inside your home. More interestingly, this pallet wall garden won’t take so much of your space since the woods are mounted on the wall. Whether you’re decorating modern, traditional, or Scandinavian home, this wood pallet project will be perfect for you. Wooden Kitchen Bench and Backsplash If you need a large space to display everything you like that can double as backsplash, you’ll love this idea for sure. Made of a huge collection of wooden pallet boxes, this backsplash also works as a storage solution that provides an abundance of space to display a variety of things. Along with the backsplash, there is also a wooden pallet bench in this kitchen. The bench offers enough space for more people to enjoy their coffee or a quick meal together. DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall Clock Do you need an extraordinary touch in your home décor? This DIY reclaimed wood wall clock can be one of the best choices. The size is large enough for becoming a focal point in any room. More importantly, it’s also helpful for seniors who find it hard to read a small wall clock. For a more personal touch, you can decorate the clock based on your taste. For instance, you can paint it in rainbow colors or simply write down some quotes or draw your favorite characters on it. Wood Pallet Washroom This washroom features a DIY pallet vanity that has an abundance of storage to keep everything organized. With double vessel vanities, this washing facility can accommodate two persons at the same time. The good news is that you can easily create this DIY washroom! When it comes to vanity, it will involve stacking pallets and build them into a sturdy item to accommodate the ceramic surface on top. Then, you can complete the washroom with a frameless mirror and some decorative planters on top of the vanity. As a summary, wood pallet could be used to build almost all furniture. From large units like bed frame, computer desk, and kitchen table, to small ones such as spice rack and wall clock, wood pallet proves itself to be versatile material. Now, it’s the time for you to choose one of your favorite among those DIY wood pallet project ideas! Hope you find the one you love and enjoy your project! The post 10+ Unique Wood Pallet Project Ideas That Are Easy to Make appeared first on CollectiveRes.
Is there anything as attractively simple as a Scandinavian interior design? Characterized by minimalism, functionality, and simplicity, the Scandinavian style has been one of the most popular trends in interior design nowadays. This interior design typically includes the use of natural materials like wood, leather, and hemp. It’s also frequently affected by a connection to nature by combining natural shapes and abstraction. If you’re interested in creating a Scandinavian design for your home space, here I’ve put together some of the best secrets to make the most of this style. Lighting is Key of Scandinavian Interior Design Most Scandinavian houses include more than one lighting sources to deliver enough illumination in the entire space. It often enjoys natural light in at least seven hours a day. That’s why choosing the right lighting in Scandinavian interior is absolutely important. Besides, lighting also helps set the mood in a Scandinavian interior. Here are some of my recommendations to get the most of it. For extra lighting sources, consider adding some pendant lights above your coffee table, a standing lamp, or a few wall sconces. For a warm, romantic, and cozy feeling, go with candle lights and candelabras. Warm Textile Scandinavian Interior The use of warm textiles is also common when it comes to Scandinavian interior design. If you want to incorporate warm textiles into your home décor, they can come in the form of sofas, pillow or throws, and carpets which are made from mohair, sheepskins, or wool. Accessorizing with warm textiles can also make your room feels warm and cozy, particularly during a cold winter. You can consider choosing warm textiles in darker colors for beautiful contrasting. As a result, these warm textiles can also help create a dramatic, impactful statement in your Scandinavian home décor that typically comes with white or light grey color scheme. Large House Plant Ideas Introducing natural elements into a Scandinavian interior is a must! This way, you can make your interior seems more beautiful and livelier. At this point, indoor plants and fresh flowers will become a perfect choice. With such big indoor plants, this room looks so much alive between the neutral-scheme spaces. For the other ways to include natural elements to your Scandinavian home décor, you can try these ideas: For more splash of color, consider adding a vase of fresh flowers on your coffee table. For less maintenance choice, you can opt for floral elements instead of fresh flowers. You can bring it in the form of floral prints. Light Flooring of Scandinavian Interior Design Instead of wall to wall carpeting, flooring made from light hardwood materials is more appealing in Scandinavian design. Laminated light flooring is one of the best ideas for your Scandinavian home décor. This white laminated flooring can make any Scandinavian house to seem more spacious and look brighter. In addition, it can boast a more welcoming and modern atmosphere as well along with the other calm elements inside the room. During the cold winter season, you can consider providing more warmth in the underfoot by installing heated tiles or a wool rug or carpet underneath your sofa and coffee table. Classic Form Scandinavian Furniture Classic form furniture can also make the most of your Scandinavian interior design. With a pair of 3 feet coffee tables and a double sofa bed, this Scandinavian room looks elegant and so much inviting. You shouldn’t forget those unique wall decorations as well that make the room exceptionally impressive. From lots of paper adhered in the corner of the wall to the portraits hang over the sofa, you can see some unique elements incorporated in this Scandinavian room. In addition to the furniture, there are also a few pots of indoor plants added to the design, delivering a livelier touch to the whole design. Neutral Color Ideas The hues of whites, grays, blacks, and browns are the most popular palettes associated with the Scandinavian décor. The neutral hues offered by these colors have made the most of Scandinavian houses. That’s why when decorating a Scandinavian room, it is important to focus on the employment of these neutral colors to bring a clean and calming effect into your design. Here are some of my recommendations to blend these neutral colors. For the walls and ceiling, you can paint them in white so that they can make your decorative elements and furniture stand out. For the furniture, you can go with the one that boasts natural wood colors. Clutter Free Interiors Making sure to keep your room clutter-free is one of the most essential parts of decorating a Scandinavian interior design. Any needless clutter should be avoided to create a clean, cozy Scandinavian room. When it comes to Scandinavian design, remember that “less means more”. Once you follow this rule of thumb, you’ll be able to keep your space seem less messy and more visually calming. This all-white living room makes a perfect example of its visually relaxing look. With minimal decorations on the wall and a few wide windows to pour in adequate natural light, this room looks so inviting. Natural Wood Touch Adding natural charm to Scandinavian home design has always been a recommended idea by a lot of decorators. Instead of going with furniture that comes with wooden accents only, you can also add the one that comes with natural wood color. The big sofa in this room makes a great focal point while delivering a natural touch to the while space. The sofa color also matches the other wooden elements in this living room, creating a warm, inviting space for everyone. Besides, this room is also designed with exposed wood beams which provide a splash of color to the all-white ceiling and walls. Graphic Wall Art It’s no secret that colorful art is something uncommon in Scandinavian interiors. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate some artworks to your Scandinavian room. When it comes to Scandinavian interiors, adding graphic multiples like this collection of nature prints will be a perfect bet for you. You just need to make sure that the wall arts are matching your overall design so that the simplicity of the room is kept very well. In addition, you can also add a few natural elements like this pot of cactus and indoor plants to make your Scandinavian room looks even livelier. To sum this article up, there are various secrets to make the most of Scandinavian style. Some of them are paying attention to the lighting and flooring, placing house plant and wall art, applying neutral colors, and involving wood material. Finally, you can use these nine ideas to create a stunning Scandinavian interior design in your home. Happy decorating! The post 9+ Scandinavian Interior Design (Best Nordic Decor Ideas) appeared first on CollectiveRes.
A bay window in a house creates a beautiful layout that sticks out a little bit. Therefore, you can have some additional space in your home. You’re about to read our bay window ideas that will give you some imagination and inspiration as well. You may already know that the idea of building a bay window doesn’t only to create some extra space, but it’s more like to show a different design with other homes that don’t have this feature in particular. Let’s have a look! Bold Frame Bay Window Idea Look at how nice this bay window is. It literally has an excess of lighting since it’s surrounded with glasses from a different spot. This could be a bay window idea with a bold frame that you should consider giving it a go. This one has a mattress and some pillows. The owner seems to know how to pamper himself by judging how comfortable this bay window design is. Elegant with Custom Sofa Filling the space around the bay window can be fun and challenging at once. This one was absolutely the right idea by choosing a custom-made sofa that suits the window just fine. Only a custom-made one can fill that space, and you may not find it at stores. This room looks clean and well organized in a strong white accent. The wooden flooring is in dark color scheme which creates a beautiful contrast. In this monochromatic room, there’s a sense of relaxed and roomy atmosphere that would make you wouldn’t mind spending your whole day working in it. It has a remarkable layout inside that makes the occupant feel at home. The furniture setting and floor finishing of wood support the idea of this bay window. Grand Room Look A high bay window leaves an elegance and glamour feel in this room. The brown sofa enhances that feel with its soft and comfortable lines that look so classy. Round tables along with two chairs are added there. The beautiful pendant light hanging above the table is a perfect addition in this room that blends well with the window. You can also enjoy the exotic view beyond the curtain when opened. Jewelry Box Indoor Outdoor This jewelry-inspired bay window lives up to its name. The shape does look like a one. The outside surface is an exposed-weather brick wall that has a timeless beauty, despite being tortured by the extreme weather. The inside looks like a 100% different. It looks so warm and inviting with soft and cozy white mattress in which you can lay down and hide inside the box. Industrial Bay Window Idea Bay window ideas come from a variety of different styles and designs that would help you renovate your house. If you happen to look for one, this window style might suit you. This window brings the industrial style with its peculiar window frame. The grey bed with two red wrought-iron chairs sparks a sense of masculinity, including the old-fashioned lamp which elevates the industrial vibe here. Maximize Bay Window Idea A spacious space would leave you with many choices compared to the small one when it comes to talking about how it should be designed. This one is designed with an enormous wooden window frame with large glasses that allow you to be able to see a wide area outside. It looks simple without curtains, but beautiful in a way it makes you want to just sit there while sipping a cup of coffee. The post 10+ Spectacular Bay Window Ideas to Brighten Up Your Room appeared first on CollectiveRes.
A pleasant home office will surely bring positive vibes. Decorating a home office to your liking should be a top work-life priority. When you enjoy the space, you will certainly become more productive. You can start to create your dream workspace by looking for home office ideas. Whether you have only a small space or large space, there is always a way to decorate your workspace in a way you love. Here we have collected 10 home office ideas to help you get started creating a workspace to your exact specifications. Industrial Bookcase Style An-industrial-bookcase-style is an ingenious option for anyone who wants to pair modern minimalism with a space that is organic and inviting. Industrial style provides textural elements and interesting visual that make your home office more elegant and cozy. Lighting above the desk brings your home office more industrial touch. Furthermore, adding a wonderful wall texture, mottled wooden floor, seating, and cabinets is good to give a more industrial feeling. If you want to make your workspace stands out from the crowd, consider using a wooden accent. You can also use exposed brick walls or heavy metallic elements to do so. But you need a few transactional pieces as the bridge between these divergent surfaces. The main point to set an industrial feeling to your home office is the evasive balance between these immensely different elements! Sophisticated Dark Home Office A comfortable place to work is the main point in designing a home office. You can add a built-in shelf and desk to help you work efficiently. Also, add a television and bar cart to make you easier turning into hosting mode or relaxation. Rich textures, dark tones, and vintage beverage memorabilia make a unique combination for your workspace. It gives a sophisticated den experience. Consider a dark tone wallpapered ceiling to give rich textures in the room. But you need to make sure that it fit the rest of the room. For the wall and furniture, choose a dark color and paint so it won’t contrast to the ceiling. Creative Use of Space If you don’t have more space to use as your workspace, consider the forgotten corner. You can turn a small attic, stairway landing space, and even a room under the stairs into a small workstation. Using a bit of draft design and creativity, you can utilize the room under the stairs as your small home office like this idea. One thing that you should remember is you should use furniture that doesn’t occupy too much space. Your space is limited so you need to set it as wide as possible. Wall-mounted cabinets, floating desk, under desk cabinets, and proper creation help immensely. Traditional Classic Tune A traditional home office is identical with antique wooden furniture. If you want to give it a more traditional and classic feeling, adding a rich wood floor, a colonial antique desk, and an ancient dark hanging lamp will be a nice choice. Here are some tips to make your traditional classic home office feel more comfortable as working space: Having a window in the workspace allows you getting natural light to blend with the artificial sources on the inside. The right office chair is a must. It can help you to keep up productivity. So you need to make sure that although it is traditional in style, it still comfortable to use. In earlier times, there is no phone, internet, or even a computer. They only use a typewriter that has no wires. So if you want to put wires device into your home office, make sure to buy a multi-plug power strip to keep it neat. Adding greenery is best to strengthen the available oxygen supply. Unusual Home Office Ideas with Skylight Natural light or skylight may reduce your energy consumption. Based on research, people who work in skylight have fewer eye problems, sleep better at night, can absorb more vitamin D and more productive. Moreover, using skylight can reduce your electric bill. Making an unusual shape as the skylight resource is an incredible idea. It will make your home office one of a kind. Combining white color and the wooden accent is also great to give your home office a rustic and warm feeling. Open wall shelving paired with wall cabinet offers you many storage options. You can put your personal items in the open shelf and your documents in the cabinets. Keeping your personal items in an open place can bring more inspiration and make you feel good. Make it More Personal If you haven’t a spacious area for your home office, consider a minimalist approach. Using the space between the rooms in your house is also possible. Here are some tips to decorate your small space home office: Keep it clean by not putting distracting touches in your desk space. Clean desk space will help to keep your head clear although it is not spacious. Having green wall or plants can help you feel relaxed after looking at your cell phones or computer screen and more connected to nature. Adding some wall shelves is the best option if your home office is not spacious but you need to put all your work material or your personal items aside from your desk space. Adding your personal items in your home office such as souvenirs or artwork-something that you loved, may inspire you to keep working hard and provide inspiration. These home office ideas show that size doesn’t matter. Even if your home office is not spacious, you still able designed it to your liking. So you will have a loveable workspace and feel at ease when working. Scandinavian Home office ideas Scandinavian can blend with modern décor easily. So you don’t need to change the entire appeal of your workspace. Scandinavian style mainly focuses on the bare minimum and simplicity. Unnecessary accessories are seen as a distraction. If you want to pull of Scandinavian style into your home office, consider a backdrop with white or black color. It is the main characteristic of this style and remains until today. The main point to get a Scandinavian look is minimal décor, a calming backdrop, and frugal use of bright colors. Using acrylic chairs, floating desk, and sleek floating shelves will be a good idea if you want to pull off these Scandinavian home office ideas. Contemporary Home Office Ideas Do you know a color that has captivated mankind eternally and used in the most contemporary of settings? It is gold. Gold gives polished and elegant looks. It also fills your home office with neutral hues some much-needed dazzle. You can incorporate gold accents by keeping the backdrop as neutral as possible and in the form of the lighting fixtures, accessories, or furniture. You can also add an accent to your home office to make it feel more contemporary. Consider natural vibe with natural scenery outside the windows, floral print, or nature-centric motifs. Combine it with the wood accent to bring additional rustic looks. Hidden Area for Work Utilities The best way to keep your home office neat and tidy in an easy way is by storing the work utilities in a hidden area. So your desk will be clean from any distractor such as a printer, box file, documents, etc. The best option to make a hidden area is in the cabinetry. It can blend smoothly with the rest of the room. If cabinetry under the table doesn’t enough to store all your work utilities, you can add one above the table too. Making your desk mounted onto the wall and facing a window is a great idea. Not only it can provide your workspace natural light but also add some greenery view. It is best to make your eye relax after working in front of a phone or computer in a long time. Attic Home Office Inspiration You don’t have any room to use as a workspace but an underutilized attic? Then just turn it up becomes one. You can use an attic in your home as a cozy workspace with proper decoration. Because it is small in size, you need to maximize it as smart as..

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